Digital Native

Definition :

Digital Native refers to those who were born with access to technology in the digital era, such as computers and cell phone. The ones whom were born after 1980, and mainly the 21st century, were the first digital natives. It could also mean that people grew up with technology at a very young age, they would also had access to new media.


The term Digital Native was first used by Mark Prensky's in his article "Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants" (2001) it summarized the differences between those born before the digital century and those born after. In the article, Prensky noted that as we enter the information age, the old habit of the digital immigrates need to be changed in order to be on pest with the new generation. He argued that the new generation think and learn differently, therefore educational systems needs to changed for Digital Natives to adopt to the new digital environment.


In Henry Jenkins' article "Reconsidering Digital Immigrants," Confessions of an Aca-Fan, December 5 2007. Jenkins stated that there were not much difference between digital natives and digital immigrates because both were new to technology at once. The only difference was that Digital natives grew up with it, while Digital immigrates had to adopt to it.

Digital Native in the modern world:

Digital natives could be anyone that born and raised in a household of new technology. "Digital Native Employees", an article published by John, he stated that most employees had at least a computer in their life time. Current employees use computers, cell phones that had the ability to connect, and chat through Messenger, facebook and etc. Facebook had been a major influence on digital natives everyday lives. The first generation of "digital natives" will be the ones that bring more advanced technology to our world.

Digital Native in future:
In addition, as nearing to the web 3.0, digital natives will face difficulties of new technologies in future as second generations of digital natives (no terms considered yet) will be born. However, digital natives will be better advanced in learning as well as accepting than digital immigrants.


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